Top 10 Certifications For Data Centre Professionals

While Data Analytics is the big thing for jobs in 2014, here we bring to you an article with information on the top 10 vendor-neutral certifications for data centre professionals. These certifications improve your knowledge about standards and best practices for a data centre.

1. Data Center University Associate

The associate certification provides the fundamental knowledge of critical physical infrastructure of the the Data Centers. Created by Schneider Electric, it is a wonderful program for beginners who want to pursue a career in Data Centers.

The certification covers topics like:

– Advantages of Row and Rack Oriented Cooling Architecture

– Examining Fire Protection Methods for your Data Center

– Fundamental Cabling Strategies for Data Centers

– Fundamentals of Availability

– Fundamentals of Cooling

– Fundamentals of Physical Security

– Fundamentals of Power

– Generator Fundamentals

– Optimising Cooling Layouts for the Data Center

– Physical Infrastructure Management Basics

– Power Distribution

– Power Redundancy in the Data Center

– Rack Fundamentals

2. Certificate in Data Centre Infrastructure

Another entry-level certification program, this one is meant for those who do not have too much experience with a data center environment.

It deals with following topics:

– An introduction to the data centre

– Site selection and environmental considerations

– Architecture Design and Standards Recommendations

– Raised Access Floor and Design Best Practices

– Cooling System Options and Environmental Control

– Electrical Power Systems

– Room Layout

– Fire Protection and Security Systems

– Building Automation and Energy Management Systems

– Commissioning and Handover

3. Certified Data Centre Technician Pro (CDCTP)

Created by CNet Training, the CDCTP certification for those who have day-to-day responsibilities for smooth functionality of these data centers.

Below are the topics covered in the training and certification:

– Data Centre Fundamentals

– The Physical Infrastructure

– Working in the Data Centre

– Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

– Policies, Procedures & Compliance

– Measure, Monitor & Auditing

4. Certified Data Center Management Professional (CDCMP)

A program by CNET Training, this course is meant for individuals who wish to effectively manage, control and improve the operational effectiveness of the data centre environments. If you have any prior experience in a data centre management environment this is the certification for you.


– Management of Processes

– Management of People

– Management of Plant

– Management of Services

– Financial Management

– Business Strategy

– Data Centre Supporting Strategies

– Legislation & Regulations

– Data Centre Auditing

5. Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP)

If you are already involved in management of a data centre or wish to put in the best in designing and implementing of these facilities, this is the certification for you.

Topics covered include:

– Data Centre Power

– Data Centre Cooling

– Data Centre Efficiency

– Data Centre Management

– Managing the Design Process

– Managing the Design Implementation Process

6. Certified Data Centre Risk Professional

Designed for a professional working in the data centre’s operations this certification guides on responsibilities involved in achieving, improving and managing the data centre.

Scope of the training and certification:

– Standards, Guidelines and Methodologies

– Risk Management Definition

– Risk Assessment Software

– Risk Management Process

– Project Approach

– Context Establishment

– Risk Assessment

– Risk Treatment

– Communication

– Risk Monitoring and Review

7. Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager

This program was created for Data Centre professionals working in data centers and having the responsibility to improve high availability and manageability of the data centre operations.

Scope of the training and certification:

– Vendor Management

– Maintenance Contracts

– Managing Safety & Statutory Requirements

– Service Level Agreements (SLA) Management

– Managing Physical Security

– Managing Daily Data Centre Operations

– Capacity Management

– Cable Management

– Data Centre Cleaning and Pest Control

– Data Centre Monitoring and Automation

– Managing Documentations and Archives

– Equipment Life-Cycle Management

8. Certificate in Energy and Cost Management

The purpose of the Intermediate Certificate in Energy and Cost Management in the Data

Centre is to certify that the candidate has gained the knowledge needed to understand the engineering principles of the terminology and the structure of strategies for managing both energy consumption and cost.

What you will learn in this course:

– Cost & Energy Monitoring and reporting in the data centre

– How to manage energy and cost

– Interdisciplinary teams – interactions and communications

– Energy Management

– Energy Performance Efficiency

– Efficiency Metrics

– Metering

– Reporting Energy and Carbon

– Reporting Cost

9. Certified Data Center Energy Professional (CDCEP)

It’s the most advanced program for people who want to improve their knowledge about energy provision, use and management, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving money.

Scope of the training and certification:

– Site Specific Energy Audits

– Energy Evaluation

– Energy use forecasting

– Long-term Capex/Ocpex actions

– KPIs/Metrics

– Business continuity/disaster recovery

– Energy Strategy

10. Certified Data Center Expert

It is an expert level certification, which is aimed towards data center owners, investors, facilities and operations manager and IT professional working in the data center.

The 5 day course helps you in learning about:

– Setting up the data center project team

– Managing a data center build project

– Scoping the data center build project requirements

– Planning and designing the data center areas

– Request for Proposal (RFP) tendering

– Vendor selection & acquisition guidance

– Data center design elements

– Technical selection of equipment

– Financial section of equipment

– Testing & commissioning

– Defect management

– Facility hand over

– Decommissioning of the data center facility