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To Address Math Phobia, Ed-Tech Upskilling Platform ‘Acadzo’ Announces Its Foray in India

Encouraging students through fun learning techniques and games, the Acadzo platform seamlessly builds confidence in math & speedy calculations. 

  • The learning platform offers interactive courses focusing on mental mathematics learning and cube learning for children aged 5 to 14.
  • The courses consist of six levels: Level 1 (Root) to Level 6 (Mastery Plus) and are designed to be age-appropriate and engaging for young learners.
  • Acadzo provides learners with the option to choose courses in both online and offline formats from their Mumbai-based center.
  • Intending to eradicate mathematical phobia among young learners, Acadzo, a cutting-edge educational learning platform, announced its entry into the Indian market. Founded by Vimesh Dedhia and Jinal Dedhia, seasoned mental math trainers, Acadzo will offer specialized courses focused on speedy math calculations and cube learning to children aged 5 to 14. Each course within this age range consists of six levels, starting from Level 1 (Root) and progressing to Level 6 (Mastery Plus). Backed by Aarti Eduserve LLP, Acadzo has entered the mind sports sector and has incorporated interactive games, challenging tasks, and real-world examples in its application.

Acadzo is a STEM Accredited (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) & ISO Accredited (International Organization for Standardization) edutech platform designed with a fun learning approach. The new-aged training solution of the platform has helped 12-year-old Jinansh Dedhia, 9-year-old Shanay Dedhia, and many other kids in creating more than 145 world records in mental maths calculations and cube learning. Leveraging on the successful techniques adopted by these students, Acadzo has designed a comprehensive curriculum that will aid in creating more mental calculators like the current record-holding students.

Focused on mental math calculations and systematic reasoning skills, Acadzo provides a comprehensive learning experience by connecting students and parents with expert educators who prioritize the sharing of high-quality learning methods. The online education space aims to build students’ confidence and critical thinking by offering multiple programs with an emphasis on speedy calculations and cube learning.

“As educators in the mental math calculations field, we have trained record-holding students, which has greatly influenced how we design our courses,” explained Vimesh Dedhia, Co-founder of Acadzo. “We firmly believe that math should be approached as an exciting mind sport rather than a complex subject. Drawing from our experience, we have developed an interactive and engaging mind sports approach that inspires students to embrace math with enthusiasm and confidence. As mental math skills become increasingly essential across various fields, Acadzo has opened doors for children to excel in this area. Recognizing the growing importance of mental calculations in everyday life, Acadzo enhances students with auditory, visual, writing, and typing skills through their specialized courses, empowering students to embrace challenges and excel in their academic journeys.”

Among the various programs and topics covered are Mathematical Operations along with Square Roots, and Calendar Dates. In addition, it also offers cube learning, where children are trained to solve 100 different types of cubes, including 2 to 5-layered, Pyraminx, Mirror, Axis, Megaminx, Master-morphix, and more. The Edutech platform has launched the first-ever maths mascot known as the Acadzo Pal, ‘ZO,’ who will be seen engaging with and encouraging students during their training program and interactive activities. With this, the company aims to shift the perception of maths from being complex to exciting.

Jinal Dedhia, co-founder of Acadzo said “Our passion drives us to create an educational experience where math becomes a captivating journey of discovery. At Acadzo, our goal is to unlock gateways of opportunities for students through mind sports. We love what we do because we see the transformative power of mathematics in empowering students to embrace challenges, think critically, and excel in their academic journey.”

Acadzo’s unique user-friendly software which incorporates games and challenges into its curriculum, creates an enjoyable and accessible environment for students to practice and solve challenging math calculations. Additionally, it has established the ‘Mind Sports Federation’ to recognize and support exceptional talent in speedy math calculations and cube solving. Under the guidance of Vimesh Dedhia and Jinal Dedhia, students have participated in various global championships organized in India, Australia, Europe, America, the Middle East and more receiving numerous medals. These children have also been featured in the Asia Book of Records, and the India Book of Records, and garnered multiple other World Records.

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