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Animeta, the leading AI-powered creator tech company has announced the newest addition of several prominent creators to its platform. It has ventured into the highly popular gaming category known for its strong youth appeal.  Popular social media gaming led creators like ‘Assassins Army’, ‘PVS Gaming’, ‘X Mania’ are on the list and in food space the mega category creator ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ will be associated with Animeta. These creators, known for their exceptional content in the gaming, food, and entertainment sectors, will further enrich Animeta’s diverse creator portfolio. Having successfully brought on board creators boasting an impressive cumulative subscriber count of 100 Million+ and an extensive viewership of 2 Billion+ views per month, Building upon their remarkable progress, Animeta has further strengthened its position with creators across 10+ categories.

Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta, commented on signing on new creators “Together with our creators, we are writing a new chapter in the digital content revolution and are very to happy have these popular creators aboard. Within our organization, we are diligently crafting a range of AI-powered solutions intended to ignite innovation and inspire novel creative endeavors. Concurrently, our creators gain exclusive access to a dedicated team that offers consistent publishing assistance and expert guidance in optimizing their content for optimal reach and impact. The fact that we are able to work with Asia’s largest and high engagement driven creators of a cumulative reach of 70 Billion+ is a testimony of the faith these creators have in us and we have in them to further elevate the space”.

Among the notable creators joining Animeta are Nayan Shelke from Aurangabad, creator of Assassins Army (7.93M subscribers). His channel, has garnered a dedicated following with his captivating gameplay and entertaining commentary. With an impressive subscriber base, Nayan has become a prominent figure in the gaming community. Another name added to this roster is Dr. Hari Raman from Tamil Nadu, creator of PVS gaming (2.61M). The 26-year-old doctor and gaming enthusiast, has carved a niche for himself by providing pro tips for gamers on his YouTube channel. One more prominent gamer to join this lot is Hemant Vyas from Morena, creator of X Mania (2.3M). He has captivated viewers with his gaming content, showcasing a diverse range of games and providing entertaining commentary. 

On the food front, Animeta has onboarded the famous Grandpa Kitchen with staggering 9.49M subscribers, a channel dedicated to cooking delicious food while making a positive impact on the world. The channel’s creators are on a mission is to entertain viewers while donating the proceeds to charities, ensuring basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies, and birthday gifts reach orphans and those in need. Other creators recently onboarded include Sarpmitra Akash Jadhav- Wildlife from Ahmednagar (5.17M), Basant Jangra-Comedy from Haryana (2.94 M), Plus Drive -Auto from Mumbai (579K), Sobit Tamang- Music from Darjeeling (507K), Rekha Singh- Beauty from Mumbai (287K), Pandu Gang- Entertainment from Rajasthan (782K) to name a few from Animeta’s Pan-India Creator Cluster.

By partnering with Animeta, they gain access to a comprehensive suite of AI powered tools, services and support, including media, branding, strategy, financial assistance, and content development. This collaboration allows the creators to focus their energies on what they do best – creating exceptional and engaging content for their audiences. The company is focused on key 16 content categories which make up over 80% of social media viewership. In its ongoing endeavor to onboard creators and expand across diverse content categories, Animeta is poised to attain comprehensive control over the entire digital content landscape, ensuring a holistic approach to its operations.

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