Time to say goodbye: 27-year-old Internet Explorer will retire on June 15

Internet Explorer is going to retire after 27 years on June 15, 2022. Last year in May, Microsoft stated an announcement that Internet explorer will be inoperated from June 15, 2022 on some versions of Windows 10. It then said customers to switch to Microsoft edge stating that it provides support for legacy and modern websites and apps. Internet explorer was released in 1995 as add-on package of Windows 95. After some time the company started providing browser for free as a part of a package. The browser reached its peak of 95 percent in 2003, but was unable to maintain its position and began to decline.

Many competitors entered the browser and started offering user-interference, faster internet speed and good performance. In this Internet Explorer couldn’t keep up with the competition and was developed into the default explorer which is used to install other browsers.

Microsoft edge is  more secure, quicker and contemporary browser than internet explorer. It also address crucial concern, compatibility, legacy websites and applications

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