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Businesses across the country are now having to move swiftly to ensure they’re still able to run operations that previously relied on apps built atop Microsoft’s long-tenured browser

Internet explorer retired on Wednesday. Microsoft Corp. has put an end to an old app. Because of this, business and government agencies have got panic who built their entire internal system on this browser. Japan is the most affected country by this move. The survey which was done in march found that 49% of the companies of Asian nation uses Internet Explorer. The common use of most of the companies was for in-house management, data exchange and accounting systems. Since Microsoft announced Internet Explorer retirement most of the companies would have updated or transitioned  to the other browser.

Across the country businesses are moving softly as they are able to run their operations on the previously built app by Microsoft browser. Tetsutaro Uehara, professor of  Ritsumeikan University says that Japan people loves safety. The larger the organisation or Government the more hesitant they are to move. He says that there are only a limited number of vendors when it comes to government websites who can work on these large websites this is the main issue in Japan.

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