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This is Microsoft’s attempt at Windows a password-less experience

Microsoft is joining Google and Apple in their pursuit of a passwordless future by implementing changes to the Passkey support in Windows 11.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced that Passkey features will now be native to Windows 11, expanding beyond websites and online tools.

Users will now be able to enroll and use passkeys to sign into both apps and websites. This can be done using Windows Hello for face unlock or fingerprint authentication, as well as through their phone.

Previously, passkey support was limited to websites using Microsoft Edge, but now it extends to all apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store or other authorized sources.

The latest Dev build of Windows 11 also includes other changes, such as the rollback of folder options in File Explorer based on user feedback, new effects for Dynamic Lighting, and support for Unicode 15 emojis for all users.

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