March 2, 2021

This Google tool will turn your doodles into artwork

Google has launched a new web-based tool called Auto Draw, which uses machine learning to turn user-created doodles into art. The tool is available on PC, smartphones and tablets.
To use Auto Draw, users need to go to and start doodling. Once done, the AI assistant will provide different options in the top bar, based on the created object. For example, if a user doodles a cake, they’ll be able to select the best-looking cake from the suggested choices.
Google Auto Draw uses the same technology as the company’s Quick, Draw! online game. The company claims that the tool can guess hundreds of drawings and plans to add more suggestions in the future.
Recently, Google launched Google Play Music subscription in India. The service is available across multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Web. Interested users can sign up for a free trial. As an introductory offer, the company is also giving a discounted subscription at Rs 89 per month, for users who sign up within the first 45 days.
Google Play Music subscription allows users to get unlimited access to 40 million unique local and international hits. Users can also download the songs for offline listening. The app asks users about their location at the time of downloading songs and playlists can be changed on the basis of location too.
Google Play Music also allows users to find music by language or by favourite Bollywood artists and music directors. It can even be used to watch videos. The company has incorporated contextual tools in the app and it uses machine learning to serve recommendations to users based on their listening preferences, activity and location.