Thetus And Qbase Today Announce A Formal Partnership

Portland, Oregon ¾Thetus Corporation and Qbase, LLC today announced a formal partnership to combine expertise in analyzing complex problems in government, energy, supply chain, insider threat, and beyond. Thetus develops and delivers Savanna, a leading enterprise, multi-source analysis solution. Qbase is a worldwide provider of innovative decision support technologies and the geo-intelligence software, MetaCarta.

 download (20)The partnership, which enables MetaCarta within Savanna, creates the following benefits:

 · Reveal hidden relationships between geographic areas and other entities.

 · Inform critical decisions with geospatial analysis and knowledge modeling capabilities , even when data is inconsistent and situations are uncertain.

 · Search large, unstructured data sources by geographic areas of interest.

  The partnership formalizes years of collaboration and product integration between Savanna and MetaCarta for performing anticipatory analysis and preemptive decision-making.

 “By enabling MetaCarta within Savanna, geographic occurrences and trends that were once unclear can be identified, tracked, and analyzed. Savanna also offers additional value to existing MetaCarta customers by extending their analytical capabilities beyond the geospatial perspective,” said Danielle Forsyth, CEO and co-founder of Thetus Corporation.

 “Qbase is excited to formalize our ongoing partnership with Thetus,” said Qbase’s President and CEO, Steve Baldwin. “The integration of MetaCarta within Savanna gives customers a powerful solution that allows them to make accurate sense of vast amounts of unstructured data like never before.”

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