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The Xbox Cloud Gaming app is now available on Meta Quest VR headsets, allowing users to play a wide range of games

Microsoft has rolled out the beta version of the Xbox Cloud Gaming app on Meta’s Quest VR headsets, enabling users to enjoy popular titles like Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and Fallout 4 on a virtual big screen. The compatibility covers Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro, requiring an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, priced at Rs 549 monthly. To access the feature, users need to install the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) app from the Meta Quest Store and ensure their VR headsets are updated to the latest software version. Additionally, they must pair a compatible controller, with current support for Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, and upcoming support for PlayStation 5 controllers.

Hundreds of games from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library, such as Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War, are now compatible with Meta Quest headsets. While the games run independently without requiring a console, the Xbox Cloud Gaming app showcases them on a large virtual 2D screen, allowing users to choose from four different screen sizes. Users of Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro also have access to the stereoscopic full-color Passthrough feature, enabling them to see their physical surroundings.




Xbox Cloud Gaming app comes to Meta Quest VR headsets, lets you play  hundreds of games | Technology News - The Indian Express
Xbox Cloud Gaming app comes to Meta Quest VR headsets, lets you play hundreds of games

This move aligns with the ongoing collaboration between Microsoft and Meta, aiming to integrate various Microsoft services into the VR headset lineup. Future plans include the introduction of Teams, Windows, and Office to Meta’s VR headsets. By expanding the Xbox Cloud Gaming app to Meta’s VR platform, Microsoft enhances the gaming experience for VR users, providing them with a diverse range of titles in a virtual environment.

The availability of well-known games on Meta’s VR headsets, combined with the immersive virtual experience, signifies a significant step in the convergence of gaming and virtual reality technologies. As the partnership between Microsoft and Meta deepens, users can anticipate more cross-platform integrations, bringing popular Microsoft services and applications to Meta’s VR ecosystem. This development aligns with the broader industry trend of leveraging virtual reality for diverse applications, ranging from gaming to productivity tools. Overall, the introduction of the Xbox Cloud Gaming app on Meta Quest VR headsets marks a noteworthy milestone in the ongoing evolution of both gaming and virtual reality technologies.

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