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Duet AI: Google’s Vision for Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Security Operations

After introducing AI-powered improvements to Workspace applications in August, Google is extending the same capabilities to security operations through Duet AI. Google has also announced the general availability (GA) of Duet AI for Developers, marking the first two Google Cloud offerings to reach GA status. Similar to Microsoft’s Copilot, Duet AI is expected to be available in early 2024.

Duet AI in Security Operations is designed to enhance productivity for teams responsible for online security by accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response through generative AI. Leveraging the company’s security intelligence, which includes Mandiant’s frontline intelligence on vulnerabilities, malware, and threat indicators, Duet AI aims to assist defenders in protecting their organizations.

One key feature of Duet AI in Security Operations is its ability to enable teams to search large volumes of data in seconds using custom queries generated from natural language. This functionality helps reduce time-consuming reviews and allows teams to quickly find critical context by leveraging automatic summaries of case data and alerts.




Duet AI for Developers and in Security Operations now GA | Google Cloud Blog
Duet AI for Developers and in Security Operations now GA

According to a blog post by Google, the AI capabilities will also aid security teams in improving response time by providing recommendations for the next steps to support incident remediation.

Duet AI in Security Operations will be included as part of Google Cloud’s Security Operations Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages. In addition to being available for Security Operations and Workspace apps, Duet AI is also accessible to Developers at no cost. From today until February 1, 2024, users can visit the web page and follow the instructions to use Duet AI for Developers without charge.

The AI assistance provided by Duet AI for Developers is geared towards helping developers achieve productivity gains in software development. AI assistance can contribute to enhancing the quality of the software being developed.

In summary, Google’s Duet AI brings artificial intelligence capabilities to security operations, aiming to streamline threat detection, investigation, and response. The technology leverages security intelligence to assist defenders in safeguarding organizations against vulnerabilities, malware, and threats. With features like natural language queries and automatic summaries, Duet AI is positioned to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams. The availability of Duet AI for Developers at no cost further extends its impact to software development, promising productivity gains and improved software quality.

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