The Global High on Cloud Summit: BE Summits


BE SUMMITS is an organization which boasts of having worked with over 300 of the Fortune 500 across the world and we come with a rich wealth of experience designed to propagate the Top-line revenue of your company.

The company is basically into 3 areas:

  • Services
  • Summits
  • Training

BE summits has been conducting events all over world. The company organizes summits in following areas: Cold Chain, Cross Industry, Defence, Energy, Government,  Human Resource, Mining, Pharma, Technology, Telecom and Transport

I 7This year they conducted event ‘The Global High on Cloud Summit’ at Sofitel, Mumbai on 12th and 13th June.  The event was support by Dept. of Electronics and IT, Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India, SME Chamber of India and National e-Governance Plan.

Cloud Computing anywhere across the globe describes delivery of hosted services through the internet. People are shifting their business applications from traditional software models to the mighty cloud. You can hardly predict what would be our future if cloud computing wouldn’t be there to maneuver establishments safely towards profitable positions.

I 8The Information Technology market in BRIC is to grow at a CAGR of 14.1% over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this markets growth is the increasing IT spending in BRIC. The IT market in BRIC market has also been witnessing increasing IT spending by banking sector.

The Global High on Cloud Summit, this year revolves around the issues, concerns, latest trends, new technology and upcoming innovations on the Cloud platform which will give an open forum and opportunity to everyone in the industry to come together and share their ideas & updates and provide a global outlook.

Some of the reviews of the event are as follows:

“Brilliant event! I look forward to partnering with BE Summits for future events as well” – Mr.Venkatachalam, Secretary of SME Chamber of India

“It was a wonderful event. I would definitely like to attend more events held by BE Summits”–Kopal Raj, Tata Projects Head of IT.

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Mr. Vamsicharan Mudiam, India & South Asia Cloud Leader, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. expressed his surprise at the number of C-level executives present all under one roof.

Mr. Keith Prabhu, Executive Director, Confidis Advisory Services, addressing the audience on ‘Big Data Security & Privacy’, explained about “Big, Cheap and easy data management is ‘BIG DATA’. Talking about the key concerns with Big Data, Mr. Prabhu said, “Privacy and IT security are the 2 main issues with Big Data. He also explained about the measurement a company to manage its data in a safe and secure manner. Elaborating on the concept of Cloud Security Alliance, he said, “CSA is a Global, not-for-profit organization which has over 45,000+ individual members, 100+ corporate members. Our main aim is to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, and provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing.”

I 1Mr. N. Jayantha Prabhu CTO, Essar Group, in his topic “Cloud Case Study – Essar Specific over Trends and Challenges” talked about the various trends and facts of cloud and why companies are talking about cloud.  He also said that the companies who have adopted cloud have time, operation, cost advantage and also implementation is easier. He said, “ The companies with cloud are Ready to Perform, give continuous performance and are purpose Built whereas companies with no cloud have to wait to perform, have to keep defining purpose and thus need maintenance to perform.”

Mr. Jaiprakash Pherwani, Product Head – Cloud, Sify Technologies, in his address ‘Cloud Implementation & Management’, talked about how sify can be trusted partner for Enterprise Cloud needs. He also explained about the Sify Cloud Service Aggregation Platform. He put some light on how Sify has helped in IT Transformation in a major Healthcare company of India. He said“ The company has been delivered with Hybrid Cloud with high availability and integrated security to enable Physical to Virtual, Infrastructure Consolidation, Agility and 24×7 online analytics, Integrated Security stack and 7 years data retention. This has resulted in USD 2.7 Million savings over 5 Years and USD 54.5 K savings on Microsoft licenses.”