KONICA MINOLTA invests more than One Million USD in Digital Imaging Square

Inaugurates first Digital Imaging Square (DIS) at Gurgaon corporate office


New Delhi, June 26, 2013: Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd, a world-class technology company, today inaugurated its first Digital Imaging Square (DIS) in its Gurgaon corporate office.

Covering an area of 5777 square feet at Cyber City, this Imaging Square has incurred an investment of USD One Million. There will be dedicated manpower placed at the store to help the customers to create their solutions using Konica Minolta machines and Solutions.

The Digital Imaging Square (DIS) would house the latest Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and Production Printers (PP) for the corporate and commercial sectors respectively. This will showcase a broad range of readily available business document solutions and print production solutions in order to cater to various companies of different sizes. The partners can bring in their customers to the DIS to showcase the solutions. Similarly, the end customers who want to check the latest innovations in the field of IT can walk into DIS directly to get a feel of the various capabilities of Konica Minolta Printing solutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Tadahiko Sumitani, Managing Director, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd said, “India is one of the important markets for Konica Minolta and our objective is to continue our top positioning in the Production Printing segment and notch up at least 25% of market share in the office environment in coming two years’ time. We can do it by sharpening our focus on partner centric activities and enable them to meet customer expectations. Since the start of our operation in September 2010, our focus has been on driving solutions.”


He further added, “We are expecting to open few more DIS centres in major metros in India in forthcoming years. This will help us explain our solutions to end-customers and our partners in a very convenient manner.”

Mr. Tadahiko Sumitani, MD, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd at the DIS centreMr. Tadahiko Sumitani, MD, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd (at the middle) addressing the mediaKonica Minolta Digital Imaging Square (DIS)_Konica Minolta Digital Imaging Square (DIS) in Gurgaon corporate office

Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

As a core company of the Konica Minolta Group, we are in India for deployment of office equipment, centering on monochrome / color multi-function Printers and Production Printers. We provide the products, systems and solutions that satisfy demand of the office and production printing markets. We hold a leading position in the European and U.S Market for office MFPs. In Production printing, demand continues to expand for printing system that meets the need for high and small-lot print runs. In response, we offer an extensive lineup of highly durable machines with enhance binding features.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd offers a broad range of multifunctional digital imaging solutions that serve as a central resource for document scanning, in-house printing and copying. Complementing its bizhub solutions, Konica Minolta also offers desktop laser printers and software solutions to improve business processes.