August 5, 2020

The First TECNO Device running KaiOS is here: Meet the T901

TECNO, the leading mobile phone brand in Africa, today announced the launch of the latest 3G smart feature phone T901, the first TECNO device running on KaiOS (, the leading mobile operating system for smart feature phones. This is a significant step for both companies in closing the digital divide by bringing users–previously inhibited by device affordability–online for the first time. Priced at $ xxx, the T901 will be available in three color options: gold, blue and black.

“With the arrival of T901 powered by KaiOS, users gain access to apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Maps, and others on an affordable TECNO smart feature phone for the first time. The phone also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G, with significant network speed growth and better anti-signal interference performance as well as faster signal reception in call mode than those in 2G. T901 also comes equipped with the Google Assistant, allowing users to operate the device with their voice. With all these features, TECNO is practicing our commitment to allowing the consumers to reach beyond their current limitations and uncover a world of possibilities.” says Stephen Ha, Managing Director of TECNO Mobile.

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Confide in me, sir count, said she, with an impulse of her better nature make known your sorrows, and be assured that I will take an interest 200-125 actual exam in them.

The king had made it the personal duty of the commandant, Bruckhausen, to guard Trenck.

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He has been recognized by four persons the old scamp will be condemned.

He will not dare to cross the borders of my state, for he knows CISSP actual questions he will be court martialled as a deserter.

Perhaps I am less credulous than you suppose, said Marshal, quietly. It would, for example, be difficult for me to believe that you are a nobleman.

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His face was illuminated by the light of the dying day, and by the thought of a soul that is taking flight.

We are 98-367 software tutorial sober, added Listolier. Tholomyes, remarked Blachevelle, contemplate my calmness mon calme.

Good night. She entered and bolted CISSP actual questions the door after her, then 98-367 software tutorial lighting a 98-367 software tutorial candle she hastened to her attic 200-125 actual exam room.

We are talking figures. That will bore you. You have a charming cravat on this morning, Marius. You are very dandified, monseigneur.

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Who knows whether man is not a recaptured offender against divine justice Look closely at life.

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Is it then true the soul may recover but not fate. Frightful thing an incurable destiny This is the problem which presented itself to him In what 200-125 actual exam manner was Jean Valjean to behave in relation to the happiness of Cosette IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications and Marius It was he who had willed that happiness, it was he who had brought it about he had, himself, buried it in his IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications entrails, and at that moment, when he reflected on IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications it, 200-125 actual exam he was IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications able to enjoy the sort of satisfaction which an armorer would experience on IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications recognizing his factory mark on a knife, on withdrawing it, all smoking, from his own breast.

Night had fully come. This lad was pale, thin, clad in rags, with linen trousers in the month of February, and was singing at the top of his voice.

You will not do me the injury of making me serve a master who has not been to see the king, while Herr Gottsched 200-125 actual exam has been But, Conrad, said Gellert, complainingly, what good will it have 98-367 software tutorial done me to have declined the IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications position of regular professor, that I might be in no danger of becoming rector, and being obliged to see kings and princes It will show the world, said Conrad, that a poet need not be a regular professor in order to be called into the society of kings and princes.

But he had also found warm human souls, 200-125 actual exam IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications who pitied his misfortunes, and who sought, by every possible means, to ameliorate his sad fate.

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Marius had risen, and was staring in a sort of stupor at this being, who was almost like the forms of the shadows which traverse dreams.

Moreover, Jean Valjean had chosen 98-367 software tutorial his refuge well. There he seemed perfectly secure.

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I 98-367 software tutorial have no need of a litter of squalling IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications brats, said this mother. Let us explain how the Thenardiers had succeeded in IIA-CIA-PART2 it certifications getting rid of their last two children and even in drawing profit from the operation.

He passed through a breach and entered the town again. It might have been eight o clock in the evening.

On his arrival, Myriel was installed in the episcopal palace with the honors required by the Imperial decrees, which class a bishop immediately after a major general.

“Launching with TECNO is a significant milestone for both our companies,” adds Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies. “The digital divide in Africa remains large, and we’re thrilled to be working side-by-side with TECNO to eliminate it. Visit any African city and you will understand how important TECNO is on the continent, with stores on nearly every corner; we can’t wait to see the KaiOS-enabled T901 show up in all of these outlets.”

T901 is equipped with a hybrid dual-SIM slot which can support two SIM cards and with 512MB +256MB memory for more spaces to save users precious memories. It boasts a 2.4-inch QVGA display with 240×320 pixels resolution, and a powerful 1900mAh battery which enables 25 days of standby time and up to 19 hours of non-stop calling

The new device comes embedded with both a front and a rear camera with built-in flash light, which enables clearer photos even at night and in other dark environments.

KaiOS enables a new category of affordable smart feature phones that require limited memory, while still offering a rich user experience. It supports 3G and 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC. KaiOS-enabled phones come with popular apps and services like WhatsApp, the Google Assistant, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps, as well as a store for apps called the KaiStore.