August 5, 2020

R&M showcases 4PPoE Standard Products for LAN cabling at BICSI Hyderabad

With an objective to tap into the vast knowledge base of the BISCI community, R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, showcased their comprehensive set of cabling products and solutions to meet the standards of 4PPoE LAN cabling at the BICSI India District Satellite Seminar held at Hyderabad. The theme of BICSI revolved around the key topics of cabling infrastructure management, next generation data center solutions and futuristic smart connectivity solutions.

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I repeat my question who are you what CPA official study guide is your name I repeat to you, I am Baron Marshal, the father of this lady.

R&M’s main objective was to create awareness on the proper planning, installation and product selection to support 4PPoE applications. Mr. Shajan George, Technical Director at R&M India, conducted a detailed session on the new requirements of LAN cabling with special focus on 4PPoE.

The presentation touched upon the impact and newer requirements of LAN Cabling with due emphasis on the need for proper cabling project planning and execution, solutions for cable heat resulting in attenuation and loss of power as well as the need for reliable, long term 4PPoE support patch cords enhanced with IDC termination.

Interacting with the crowd at the seminar, Shajan George, Technical Director at R&M India said, “The ever increasing power demands in cabling solutions have led us to rethink the way we plan and execute PoE capabilities. Keeping the industry trends and organization requirements in mind, R&M has successfully come with reliable solutions for the Indian market that meet the standards of 4PPoE LAN cabling. R&M’s emphasis on 4PPoE has helped us to successfully leverage the BICSI platform and share our expertise and innovative technologies with other industry leaders and potential clients.”
R&M is the gold sponsor for all BICSI events this year and is actively leveraging this platform to learn and share insights with Information & Communications Technology (ICT) community experts, industry leaders and exhibitors.

R&M is considered as first choice for network cabling solutions in all industry verticals. The capability of providing fiber & copper solutions and innovative products as per industry standards with after sales support, assisting in growth & expansion plans etc. makes them distinctive.