The COVID-19 Pandemic: Making the case for Remote Infrastructure Management Tools.

The current pandemic situation has completely changed the definition of our lifestyle, the way we work and the way we socialize. Due to health and safety reasons we have now accepted the remote concept of living. Mot of the organizations have accepted work-from-home concept to ensure safety. Thus, the employees have been given remote access to carry out the work. Once again it is technology which has helped all the organizations and enterprises thrive in this moment of crisis.
Mot of the organizations have reduced their workforce and majority of them are working from home.
Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the rescue in these times. RIM is ensuring that the businesses are working properly and the economy remains boosted. These tools prevent the norms of social distancing to affect the operational capacity and capability. All the changes, processes and isues are monitored remotely. With the implementation of RIM the entire IT set-up has been centralized. It covers the data centres, workstations, servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices and all the different important assets. It boosts the efficiency, productivity, enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the risk and improves the traditional infrastructure delivery.
Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS Technologies said that the current pandemic has affected the operations of the enterprises immensely. RIM will help ease these pressures by providing the companies the capability to enable remedial actions while keeping their business backbones up and running with high continuity.
Remote Infrastructure Management is a current necessity.
  1. Customized & Modular Services: RIM  will provide  customized and enterprise specific services suited to the organization’s business needs and requirements.
  2. Access to Latest Technology: Cloud based services are the updated, best-of-the-lot services which do not need any location based intervention. The companies  will get access to the latest and best versions of the toolsets as per their need.
  3. 24*7 Support:  RIM will  provide an efficient solution available 24*7*365.