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New OpenMarket platform helps companies transform CX strategies effortlessly.

OpenMarket, is a mobile messaging company known globally. It launched indigo, a brand new mobile engagement platform. It has been designed to help the business organizations communicated easily and effectively with their customers and employees. It is a cloud-based platform. It will provide a global transformation of how the different companies will come-up post the lockdown situation.

indigo by OpenMarket with the help of people with little or no mobile messaging expertise, will set up the best, automated and optimised campaigns across SMS, RCS and MMS.

The brand new platform has various features like templated campaigns  which have been created by the domain experts, the in-built best-practice insights, artificial intelligence, advanced spam, smishing filters and direct access to the global, multi-channel messaging network. The brands can  closely understand the customer behaviour.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, OpenMarket, said that according to reports a major population of  CX leaders need a communication platforms which can be easily used,  integrated and at the same time can provide customer insights to improve their CX journeys. indigo can address all these needs. A proper communication with the customers is very important. After this crisis situation gets over, it is very important for the enterprises to keep their customers informed about the different changes taking place and keep them feel informed. With the help of indigo, all the enterprises can improve their CX. Indigo has been designed specially with business operations in mind. One from an organization can easily create an automated mobile messaging campaign that can engage the customers in the mot effective way.

Using Indigo the brands can send messages that will show their company name and logo instead of a phone number. It will take an existing SMS and automatic upgrade to a branded message will take place whenever a capable device is detected. Branded Messaging give the customers a better and seamless experience and a peace of mind. The companies can also promote brand visibility, increased customer engagement, greater revenues and better customer insights.