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Google takes down Uluru’s Street View

Parks Australia has requested to take down the user made picture of Uluru which is a sacred place for the natives of Australia.

The company, Google has taken down the images of Uluru from Street View.

The big red megalith present in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park was declared close for travelers in 2019’s October. The request to close the megalith was done by the people of Anangu.


Google has said that they understand the importance of the place and the religious significance given by the people of Anangu.

Google removed the pictures when Park Australia raised their apprehensions about the contribution done by the user.

According to the company, the pictures were taken by google maps’ users before Uluru was going to be closed.

There is a feature too useful to guide travelers. It is called, Street View which helps any traveler to take cybernetic walking tours of places around the world.

Every year, thousands of travelers climb to the top of Uluru.

The climb to Uluru was closed permanently on 26th October 2019. After that, the ownership’s anniversary was given back to the people of Anangu.

Uluru has been a great place for having a spiritual and cultural feel, especially to native Australians. These people have a connection with that place for about tens of thousands of years ago.