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Tessell collaborates with Applied Cloud Computing (ACC)

Tessell, a San Ramon-based cloud data platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with Applied Cloud Computing (ACC), an established technology company. The collaboration between Tessell and ACC aims to revolutionize the landscape of cloud migration and modernization, providing a streamlined and efficient approach for businesses undergoing digital transformation. The partnership is geared towards delivering end-to-end digital transformation solutions.

The Tessell-ACC collaboration is set to simplify the cloud migration process, offering businesses an integrated solution to manage, migrate, and modernize their infrastructure, applications, and databases effectively. Both teams possess a comprehensive understanding of the complexities associated with moving processes to the cloud, from identifying dependencies to hardware realignment, software patching, configuration, and data location. This partnership accelerates the migration of legacy systems, applications, and databases, eliminating the need for multiple migration partners and saving valuable time and resources.

A central objective of the Tessell-ACC partnership is to democratize the cloud migration process. By breaking down barriers, the collaboration aims to enable a broader customer base, including those without cloud expertise, to initiate their modernization efforts. This democratization fosters collaboration, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.



Tessell and Applied Cloud Computing Transform Cloud Migration and  Modernization Landscape - The Hindu
Tessell and Applied Cloud Computing Transform Cloud Migration and Modernization Landscape

Addressing the challenges faced by businesses in achieving their digital transformation goals, the collaboration simplifies database migrations, management, and modernization. Providing a user-friendly interface for engineers and architects, the partnership enables faster migration, allowing organizations to realize their digital transformation objectives within shorter timeframes and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Rajesh Krishnia, Sr. Director at Tessell, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with ACC marks a significant shift in reshaping the cloud migration landscape. Tessell is committed to delivering higher performance at lower costs, offering an improved approach to data management in the cloud.”

Nilesh Satpute, CEO of ACC, added, “This collaboration represents a leap in our commitment to delivering top-notch cloud services. By automating the modernization process, we aim to drive efficiency, minimize human error, and instill confidence in businesses pursuing cloud migration. Together with Tessell, we are redefining how organizations approach their digital evolution.”

Leveraging Tessell’s expertise in database management and ACC’s advanced technology solutions, the partnership empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption with ease.

Tessell is a cloud-native Database as a Service (DBaaS) provider revolutionizing data infrastructure and management for cloud-native and cloud-defining enterprises. The platform excels in compatibility with AWS and Azure, offering policy-driven self-service access, DevOps integration, production monitoring, and lifecycle management for various database engines.

ACC, founded in 2014 by Nilesh Satpute in Thane, Maharashtra, is revolutionizing the cloud services segment with expertise in Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, App Modernization, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Security, and Product Engineering. The company has a strong team of skilled professionals and an international presence with offices in the UK and Estonia. ACC has received recognition from AWS as the best Financial Services Industry partner and is endorsed by industry and customers for its professional capabilities and cloud offerings.

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