Tesla’s Autopilot Performance in European Safety Test

The electric car-making has scored 6th out of 10 driver assistance systems which were measured in a European safety assessment. Through this test, the rating shows if the drivers are kept engaged or not.

The company’s Model 3’s Autopilot recorded only thirty-six when it was evaluated on its capacity to uphold the focus of the driver on the road. Nonetheless, the electric car gained the uppermost marks for performance and responding to emergencies. Therefore, it received a whopping score of 131 and a grade of ‘moderate’.


Image from Tesla

On the other hand, Mercedes GLE’s system had the highest total score of 174 and received the top grade of ‘very good’. It too received a score of 85 for engagement of driver. Other cars like the BMW 3-Series and the Audi Q8 also received a good rating and were amongst the best 3 cars best in safety and security. Although the majority of other vehicles had a score of or above 70 for engagement of driver. But, Renault Clio and the Peugeot received the lowest rating.

The European NCAP had worked with Thatcham Research and had called the tests as the 1st consumer ratings which especially focused on driver assistance systems, the technology which self regulates some activities.

The researchers of safety and insurance have recurrently warned the consumer risks which can also overestimate the capacity of the systems. This misconception has increased by some of the automobile producers who call their products either autopilot or pro-pilot or co-pilot.

The company’s autopilot has been too condemned by the United States of National Transportation Safety Board for permitting its drivers to switch their attention from the road. Due to this, it has been recorded that about 15 car crashes have taken since the year 2016 which has involved the company’s vehicles that were armed with Autopilot.