Google to Pay Content Publishers

The tech giant company is planning to pay 1 billion dollars to global publishers who have created content for the coming 3 years. This move will help the company to win against a powerful group of people.

Along with European media, the news publishers have been the most popular Internet search engine on a global for recompense for using their contents.

The chief executive officer of the company has said there is going to be a launch of a new product by the name of Google News Showcase. The company is going to introduce it in Germany, where several national newspapers have already signed up for it.


Image from Google

The new product will also be launched in Belgium, India, the Netherlands, and many other countries. And several publishers from countries such as Argentina, Australia, the UK, Brazil, Canada, and Germany have too signed up for the new product.

The new launch will permit publishers to choose and then showcase their stories. This will be launched on the company’s news channel which will be available on android as well as on iOS software.

As per the CEO, the new technique will be different from the company’s other news items as it will rest on the editorial choices that the individual publishers will create. And they will present it to readers and know what to present and how to present.

The product is building on a licensing deal that is going to be connected to some media groups in Australia, Brazil, and Germany by June. The response was lukewarm from the Publishers Council of Europe.

The company is talking with French publishers as well.

The tech giant’s funding for news firms has also irritated other internet publishers, like weather websites and recipe tools, which say that the technology company has hurt their income.