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Tesla Model S and X gets a refresh and can now run games too, soon to arrive in Indian Market

The long awaited refresh of the Tesla’s Model S and Model X is now here. Both of the vehicle gets the plaid variant options along with a a new stunning interior 17-inch horizontal touch screen in the front and 8-inch touch screen for the rear passengers.

(The New Tesla Model S Interior) Image Credits: Tesla

And apparently Tesla now chose to go with the typical rounded rectangular steering wheel, and it brings a lot of questions about it’s usability and safety associated to the passengers and driver in the car. It is a big step to a change like this in a passenger vehicle for end consumers and home users.

The car also gets two wireless chargers in the front and two in the back too. Along with all these design features, let’s talk about the performance features, the new Plaid variant in both the model S and X gets to a whopping 1020hp. And specifically in model S Plaid+ trim going up to 1115hp. The Model S will now go from 0-60mph in 1.99sec and the Model X in 2.5sec.

The Model S claims to have a range of 837km (on US EPA test).

After a lot of speculations Tesla seems to be aiming to expand itself into Indian market starting with the Model 3 and gradually other cars later on. India would be a huge market for musk to aim as there are a lot of potential buyers planning to get their hands on the vehicle as soon as it releases in the Indian market.

Tesla cars may be a little expensive for the Indian market, but let’s see how Elon Musk plans for this expansion along with Government of India to provide cars at better rates if possible. Tesla seems to be aiming metropolitan cities first as they will also have to plan on laying down it’s supercharger station for the customers.