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Apple releases extension for chrome for iCloud Passwords

Image Credits: Apple

You can now finally save your passwords to iCloud Keychain using Chrome extension or you can use the ones already saved by you in the safari. Apple didn’t announce this very specific feature but after the update that came through in the January end, you can now see a passwords tick box in the main menu dialog box.

This feature would be very  helpful and great for the users who are working in both the Operating System environments like Windows and MacOS. This was according to the reports by 9to5Google. The extension was updated with iCloud for Windows version 12.0, which has a “passwords” check box in the list of along with other services. Checking that box brings up a prompt stating that “iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome is required; download the extension to automatically fill website passwords with your iCloud Keychain.”

This one of a rare feature that came through from apple to chrome. After installing and configuring the plugin, whenever users logs in to any account, there comes a pop up asking whether do you wan to save this password to account linked with iCloud or not, and also asks with a pop up whether do you want to use a saved password.