Tech Giant Microsoft Planning to Build 3 New Data Centres in South-eastern Europe

Greece and Microsoft on 5th October 2020 broadcasted an investment deal of 1 billion euros. The deal is to build a cloud storage organization in Greece.

It came as the country’s pro-business government is planning to progressively shift Greece’s notoriously administrative civil service online.

As per Microsoft’s president, the company is trying to bring data centers to the country. They are going to develop a new area that will involve the country plus the surrounding countries too. Also, the project is going to be launched in Athens.


Image from Microsoft


The president has also said that due to this initiative new opportunities are going to be available for every small business that runs in Greece with cloud services. The services will allow you to pay for what you use and you only have to pay when you use it.

The project anticipates 3 data centers in the greater Athens region. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any timeframe.

The company has currently data centers in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland, and it is trying to build more in Poland, Italy, and Spain.

With the help of this, the company has also envisioned training programs for 100,000 Greeks.

The tech giant is also designing an amplified reality website promoting Ancient Olympia, which is to be released in the year, 2021.