Musk’s Aerospace Company Wins Pentagon Award

Elon Musk’s aerospace company i.e. SpaceX won 149 million dollars as a contract to create missile-tracking satellites for the administrative building known as Pentagon, the United States SDA said this on 5th October 2020. It is tesla’s 1st government contract for building satellites.

SpaceX is known for making reusable rockets and astronaut capsules. The company, tesla is leaping up the production of satellites for Starlink. It is a growing constellation of 100 Internet-radiating satellites that the company’s CEO has hoped to generate enough income to help fund in the SpaceX’s interplanetary objectives.


Image from Tesla


Under the Space Development Agency contract, the aerospace company would use the Starlink gathering plant in Redmond. As per the SDA official, It will be done to build 4 satellites that are going to be fitted with a wide-angle infrared missile-tracking sensor and it will be sold by a subcontractor.

L3 Harris Technologies recently received a sum of 193 million dollars to make another 4 satellites. Both firms are desired to deliver the satellites for launch between September to November 2022.

The awards are part of the SDA’s 1st phase to obtain satellites to notice and track missiles like intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can travel to long distances and are arduous to track and capture.

Elon musk’s aerospace company received 28 million dollars in 2019 from the Air Force to use the unexperienced Starlink satellite network to test encoded internet services with a number of military planes, although the Air Force has not placed an order for Starlink satellites.