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STEM Metaverse And Delhi Public School Collaborate To Ignite Students’ Passion For Stem Education With Their Offline And Immersive Summer Camp

STEM Metaverse, a leading platform for practical STEM learning experiences, partnered with Delhi Public School (DPS) to organize an immersive offline summer camp for students from Grade 2 to Grade 8. The camp, held from 20th May to 26th May 2023, aimed to expand into contemporary teaching methods and the rapidly evolving world of technology and innovation.

Catering to students with different interests, the STEM Metaverse summer camp offered a range of exciting activities and hands-on experiences, ensuring that participants gained valuable insights into various aspects of STEM education. It encouraged students to explore science, technology, reading, writing engineering, art, math, and more.

For Grades 2 and 3, this camp kicked off with a bang as they began their week with an adventure where they built their own camps and learned teamwork. Day 2 gave them the experience of being an astronaut and the scientific drive continued with air-pressure rocket launches and a mind-blowing Virtual Reality experience. On Day 3 these little champs head to become detectives whereas Day 4 and Day 5 introduced them to the fascinating world of Robotics. Students delved into the fundamentals of circuits, learning about sequential and parallel circuits, positive and negative terminals, and the flow of electricity. Through engaging activities, they created blinking cards using paper circuits and built DC motor fans. The final days concluded with them designing a board game.

Students of Grades 4 and 5 experience a different set of activities. Their camp journey started by becoming journalists, where they honed their investigative skills. Divided into teams, students roleplayed as journalists, delving into intriguing missing person reports. They gathered evidence and filed reports, experiencing the thrill of solving mysteries. Continuing their exploration, they had the opportunity to become adventure enthusiasts, learning essential skills such as tent pitching, teamwork, and resilience. They further explored the new area of product design on Day 3. The last days opened up to teaching them the basics of robotics, understanding circuits using Snap Circuits, and applying their knowledge to construct LED cards, DC motor fans, and switch circuits on breadboards.

For Grades 6-8, this camp was power packed with the new age tech learnings. From Coding a game in Phyton, building a remote-controlled car to delving into becoming a published author and filmmaker along with actionable sessions on financial literacy, these students got to experience it all. 

The program concluded with a sequential thinking activity, reflections, and a recap of the enriching experiences throughout the camp. Group pictures captured memories that will last a lifetime.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with DPS to provide an unforgettable summer camp experience,” said CEO & Co-founder of STEM Metaverse, Mrs. Ritika Amit Kumar. “Sequential Thinking and design thinking is an important aspect of learning in today’s day and age. In our summer camp, we inculcate these skills via different activities, combining Art and Science in a STREAMM based approach, to trigger interest while also building on core concepts, motor skills and making learning a lot of fun”

Through its holistic approach to STEM education, and initiatives like these, STEM Metaverse takes pride in empowering students from early years to Grade 12, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly STEM-driven world.

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