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Hunch Poll: Google Pay Ranks Top Spot Among Gen Z for Daily Money Transfers

Today’s fast-paced world requires continuous digital upgrades and mobile payment applications are a byproduct of this contemporary digital era. Making payments via mobile has emerged as a significant tool offering a level of convenience and efficiency than traditional payment methods -. These payment apps are highly popular among Gen Z users .  allowing them to make quick, secure, and hassle-free transactions, ranging from paying bills and transferring money to bank accounts to shopping online and in-store, by simply using one’s smartphone. The use of mobile applications for transactions has made a wider economic impact resulting in a reduction in reliance on cash and transparency in financial dealings.

A recent poll shared by a user on Hunch, a social discovery app, asked its Gen-Z users  which is the most preferred payment app they use for their daily transfers, and the 5300 poll voters have come up with a clear winner on the same. Google Pay emerges as a dominant player with 47.8% of the poll voters considering it as a go-to app for all their monetary transactions. This preference can be attributed to imperative factors such as its user-friendly interface and robust security features. With 27.9% of GenZ voters on the app favoring Paytm, it is clear that this app holds substantial sway among our users. Paytm’s popularity can be linked to its extensive range of services it offers, from mobile recharges to utility bill payments and movie ticket bookings, etc. 

PhonePe, chosen by 21% of respondents, stands out as a significant contender in the digital payments arena.  PhonePe’s -. Catering to its growing user base, all  businesses are making it as a payment option. While Amazon Pay and BHIM may hold a smaller share of the market (3.3%), they remain important options for users seeking specific features or belonging to a distinct user group. 

The poll results reflect a clear preference among the Gen Z for making their daily transfers and also suggest a comprehensive understanding of how efficient and convenient these mobile payment applications are nowadays.

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