HCL Technologies achieves 100,000 users actively using Microsoft Teams.

HCL Technologies (HCL), a pioneering technology-based company known globally announced 100,000 of it’s  employees are using Microsoft Teams globally on a monthly basis. This move shows how effective HCL has been in providing the employees with proper remote working access and also how it ensured a proper workplace modernization in this pandemic situation.

Microsoft Teams has helped the HCL employees to stay properly connected and collaborated in this pandemic situation to ensuring continuity of the organization. It is also a validation of HCL’s Fluid Workplace initiative. With the help of this platform, employees and give the vision of Digital Workplaces (DWP) a proper shape and make it their default model.

This also proves how efficiently the HCL  employees have overcame the red flags put in by the pandemic. The usage of Real-time Collaboration also ensures continuity. They can properly collaborate with the other employees and work in a hassle-free manner. Their primary focus is to provide a safer environment with better productivity and effective collaboration.