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Sony partners with Fnatic to revolutionize gaming gear and empower Indian gamers

Sony Corporation (“Sony”) is delighted to announce its multiple-year global partnership agreement with Fnatic Ltd (“Fnatic”), a renowned professional esports team headquartered in London, UK. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for the gaming community in India, as Sony and Fnatic join forces to enhance the gaming experience and empower Indian gamers on a global scale.

Sony’s product development teams will engage in close collaboration with Fnatic’s professional players, exchanging opinions on product concepts, performance, and technology. The expertise of Fnatic’s players, combined with Sony’s long-standing reputation for high image quality and sound quality, will pave the way for the creation of revolutionary gaming gear under Sony’s gaming brand, INZONE™. These cutting-edge products will provide Indian gamers with a competitive advantage in highly intense gaming environments.

Mr Shohei Toyoda, Head of Audio Business, Sony India said “We are thrilled to partner with Fnatic and embark on this exciting journey to revolutionize the gaming experience for Indian gamers. This collaboration between Sony and Fnatic brings together our expertise in sound quality with Fnatic’s unparalleled performance and experience in the esports arena. Together, we will create innovative gaming gear under our INZONE brand that will propel Indian gamers to victory in highly competitive games. We believe that this partnership will not only provide better infrastructure and skill development opportunities but also empower Indian gamers to shine on the global stage. We are committed to fostering a vibrant gaming community in India and inspiring gamers to achieve their full potential.” 

The collaboration with Fnatic aligns seamlessly with Sony’s overall gaming strategy in India. Fnatic, a globally renowned esports organization, will have professional players participating in various tournaments, including the upcoming VALORANT tournament in Japan. This collaboration not only inspires Indian players but also presents an opportunity for them to purchase the state-of-the-art INZONE Gaming Headsets, influenced by Fnatic’s players’ expertise and insights.

Fnatic’s involvement in the development and promotion of gaming gear in India holds great potential. Through their global network and connections, Fnatic can create opportunities for Indian gamers to participate in prestigious international tournaments and leagues. This exposure to global competition will enable Indian gamers to benchmark their skills, gain recognition, and showcase their talent on an international stage.

As the launch of the gaming gear approaches, Sony plans to announce special promotions and offers to accompany the highly anticipated release. Furthermore, Sony and Fnatic will produce engaging online content tailored for the gaming community. 

The collaboration between Sony and Fnatic holds immense promise for the gaming community in India. By combining Sony’s technological expertise and Fnatic’s unrivaled experience, this partnership aims to shape the future of gaming gear and empower Indian gamers to achieve their full potential. 

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