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B2B product engineering R&D & consulting services provider Logic Fruit Technologies secures copyright for ARINC 818 Video processing and Switching Module

ARINC 818 is uniquely designed for use in Indian Air Force (IAF) fleets and by other avionics companies globally to help with video sensors and multiple display interfaces (DVI, STANAG, and ARINC818)  in avionic systems

Logic Fruit Technology, one of the fastest-growing product engineering and design services has added a feather to its cap by securing a registered copyright for its robust product offering – ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM) also known as the Single Board Computer with ARINC 818 Interface.   

The copyright has been secured in collaboration with the Chairman of DRDO, Government of India. As part of the registration, Logic Fruit Technologies has obtained exclusive ownership of the ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM) technology. 

Delighted with the achievement, Sanjeev Kumar, Logic Fruit’s Co-Founder, and CEO said, “With this copyright protection, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our valuable customers. It clearly demonstrates the dedication to excellence and innovation and will put India in a different league altogether, setting high standards for the entire aviation world.”

Logic Fruit Technologies has developed the ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM) by leveraging Intel Atom processors in the VPX form factor, along with video interfaces like DVI, STANAG, and ARINC 818 to connect video sensors and video displays in an avionics system. 

The ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM) has been uniquely designed and to be used in IAF and by other avionics companies globally. It comes with a built-in fault tolerant real-time graphic processor. It is instrumental in displaying multiple interfaces in avionic systems like DVI, STANAG, and ARINC818. 

Additionally, it is most suited to meet the high bandwidth requirement of aircraft display systems and support a transmission rate of up to 4.25 Gbps. This IP core is CEMILAC certified and has a DO-254 DAL-B Compliant design.

Moreover, the progress Logic Fruit Technologies has made in the domain along with copyright protection is also poised to have a profound influence on the IAF fleets and the aviation industry as a whole. 

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