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Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announces plans to provide 200 million users in India with augmented reality (AR) experiences

Snapchat’s Co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel announced the platform’s commitment to engaging over 200 million users in India through augmented reality (AR) experiences. During a ‘APAC AR Day’ event in Mumbai, Spiegel, in conversation with Snap APAC President Ajit Mohan, expressed enthusiasm for the burgeoning creative scene in India, fueled by Snapchat’s technology.

Spiegel highlighted the vibrancy and dynamism of the Indian developer community, emphasizing their intent to collaborate and cultivate the future alongside local talent. In India, there is substantial interest among 95% of Generation Z individuals in utilizing AR for shopping, with 73% perceiving AR experiences as a more personalized approach.

Snapchat aims to infuse the festive spirit for its Indian users by rolling out exclusive Diwali-themed AR Lenses. Spiegel accentuated the significant role of AR in shaping India’s future, stating that the youth are instrumental in driving this transformation.

The focus on delivering AR experiences for self-expression and learning purposes remains a significant opportunity, whether through partnerships with brands for wider reach or creating engaging content. Snap APAC President Ajit Mohan emphasized the rapid growth of the AR creator community, enabling users worldwide to engage with immersive experiences.

Snapchat remains committed to empowering creators through monetization opportunities and innovative tools, a sentiment echoed during the AR Day event, which brought together diverse creators, advertisers, and brand representatives. The platform sees a considerable engagement with AR, boasting an average of over 250 million daily interactions on Snapchat.

Snap has fostered a thriving AR creator community in India, with a 60% growth in 2022 and further expansion anticipated in the following years. Notably, in August, Snap introduced the Lens Creator Rewards program, a scheme designed to incentivize creators, developers, and teams for crafting high-performing Lenses on Snapchat.

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