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CII President Foresees more Jobs in Esports and Game Development

~CII President R. Dinesh highlighted India’s potential to become a powerhouse in intellectual property within this rapidly expanding sector at India Gaming Show held in Pune.~
~With India’s gaming sector poised for significant growth, the emergence of Pune as a hub for gaming innovation is highlighted. Mr. Rajan Navani emphasizes Pune’s potential to harness its IT talent pool, fostering indigenous content creation and contributing to the sector’s global prominence.~

Amidst a rapidly expanding market, Mr. R. Dinesh, President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), highlighted the immense potential for India to forge new pathways in intellectual property, paving the way for the creation of more jobs in esports and game development. Speaking at the culmination of the 6th edition held in Pune from March 14 to 16, 2024, Dinesh emphasized the significance of this burgeoning sector, projecting exponential growth in the years ahead. He underscored the transformative journey of the video game and Esports sector, asserting its increasing prominence on both national and international fronts.

This edition, marked as the largest in the series to date, boasted participation from over 70 exhibitors representing 10 countries, with Indonesia making its debut as the Guest Country. The Show was jointly organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS) supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Invest India, Startup India and Media Entertainment Skill Council.

With the Global Video Game Industry Market estimated at $180 Billion, surpassing the combined revenues of film and media entertainment, and projected to soar to $665 Billion by 2030, India stands poised for significant growth. While currently commanding a market share of under 1%, India’s gaming sector holds immense potential for expansion, fueled by prevailing trends in PC, mobile, and console gaming. Dinesh emphasized the unique opportunity for India to spearhead the development of tailor-made games, ensuring both global and domestic products attain global recognition.

Recognizing the sector’s growth trajectory, CII spearheaded the formation of the Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS), uniting stakeholders under a single umbrella. With approximately 40 members, the IDGS serves as a catalyst for fostering connections within the Indian Gaming Industry and engaging with the international gaming community, advocating for policy initiatives at various government forums.

In addressing the industry’s responsibilities, Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General of CII, stressed the need for a responsible policy framework, encouraging collaboration between global and Indian companies to propel domestic firms onto the global stage. Banerjee emphasized the importance of socializing responsible gaming practices to educate the populace and promote ethical usage. He also highlighted on the significance of innovation and skill development in the industry for enhancing the pool of available talent and significantly improving the demographics, leading to a 49 percent increase in the number of women in the sector.

Highlighting Pune’s emergence as a burgeoning hub for the gaming industry, Mr. Rajan Navani, President Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS), noted the city’s burgeoning IT talent pool and its potential to nurture content creators and businesses leveraging creative industries. As the global Esports industry surpasses $100 billion, India, comprising just 1% of the market, boasts a significant 17% share of gamers. Navani envisaged leveraging platforms like Pune to infuse indigenous content with a distinct ‘Bharat’ essence, accelerating the sector’s growth and adoption of immersive technologies such as AR and VR.

The sixth edition of the India Gaming Show showcased a diverse array of offerings encompassing hardware, new technologies, indie developers, academia, government organizations, Esports, and cosplay. Accompanied by a three-day conference covering multifaceted discussions within the sector, the event marked the introduction of the IDGS Technical Awards, further spotlighting innovation and excellence within the industry. The vibrant atmosphere of IGS 2024 has drawn over 28,500 attendees, making it a truly global gathering of gaming enthusiasts and professionals.

Parallel to the exhibitions, attendees have been treated to a diverse program of 26 sessions featuring 60 speakers from various fields. Topics covered include skilling, XR (Extended Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), game development, and investments. A special master class conducted by industry experts has provided invaluable insights into career opportunities across different domains.

One of the highlights of this year’s Show has been the significant participation of academia and start-ups, contributing to the richness and dynamism of the event. Their presence underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the gaming industry forward. “The success of IGS 2024 in Pune is a testament to the growing significance of the gaming sector in India and beyond,” said Mr Virendra Gupta, Secretary General, IDGS and Deputy Director General CII.

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