Skype 5.0 for iPhone With All-New UI Now Available for Download



Microsoft has finally started rolling out the remastered Skype 5.0 app for iPhone with improved features. The firm announced and detailed the same earlier this week.

“We were excited to use your feedback to remaster the app around you, to help you connect with your friends and family simply and quickly,” stated Gary Wong from Skype on the official blog post.

Microsoft explains that the Skype 5.0 app for iPhone has been rewritten ‘from the ground up,’ and is ‘over 5 times faster than the old version.’ It includes smoother scrolling, transitioning and animations without hurting battery life and overall performance.

The Skype 5.0 ‘Remastered for iPhone’ app has been optimised for iOS’ unique strengths, and company is calling it ‘the biggest change ever to Skype for iPhone’, yet the overall interface is consistent with the Android and Windows Phone devices. The new interface has removed the classic tab bar and has included large and colourful buttons.

The updated Skype for iPhone app also improves the syncing of notifications between devices. Once a user reads a new message on PC, Xbox, or tablet app, it will be automatically marked as read on the iPhone app as well.

Skype for iPhone users can now start a group chat from the hub itself. Offline recipients will also messages or photos in their respective Skype accounts the moment they come online.

Additionally, the Skype for iPhone users can now access their contacts just from one single swipe and can share images even to their offline contacts.

Notably, the Microsoft reiterated that the iPad version of the redesigned Skype app is also in works, and will be delivered soon.

Last month, Microsoft rolled out an update to its Snap feature on the Xbox One console, based on user feedback. This would give users the option to Skype Snap call. To recall, the Snap feature lets users play simultaneously with two applications on Xbox One. For instance, a user can watch TV while browsing the Internet at the same time on the same screen.

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