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Sheryl Sandberg to Step Down from Meta Board

Sheryl Sandberg, instrumental in Facebook’s evolution from a tech startup to a digital advertising giant, has revealed her decision to step down from the board of Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Sandberg expressed gratitude and shared memories as she informed the Meta board about her choice not to seek reelection in May. Sandberg, who departed Google to join Facebook in 2008, played a key role in the company’s trajectory, particularly during the four years leading up to its initial public offering in 2012. Serving as the second-highest executive at Meta under CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Sandberg faced scrutiny for some of the company’s notable missteps.

In 2022, Sandberg resigned from her position as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Meta but retained her role as a member of the company board. Her tenure included 14 and a half years as the COO of Facebook and then Meta, alongside 12 years as a board member.


Sheryl Sandberg, former Facebook COO, to step down from Meta board | Mashable
Sheryl Sandberg, former Facebook COO, to step down from Meta board

Acknowledging the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg and executives like Javi Olivan, Justin Osofsky, and Nicola Mendelsohn, Sandberg expressed confidence in the strength and future positioning of Meta’s business. She emphasized that the timing was right to step away, indicating a sense of accomplishment and assurance in the company’s trajectory.

While Sandberg will no longer serve on the board, she affirmed her commitment to remain an advisor to the company. This transition comes amid Meta’s continuous efforts to navigate challenges and adapt to an evolving digital landscape.

In a significant move last year, Sandberg announced the launch of a girls’ leadership program through her foundation. This initiative aims to address persistent gender inequities and includes a middle-school curriculum along with resources for adults. The program is housed under Lean In, a project of the Sandberg Goldberg Bernthal Family Foundation, a private foundation established by Sandberg and her late husband, Dave Goldberg.

Sandberg’s departure from the Meta board marks a pivotal moment in her extensive career with the company. Her influence, both as an executive and board member, has been a defining factor in Facebook’s growth and transformation over the years. As she transitions to an advisory role, Sandberg’s continued involvement with Meta reflects her commitment to contributing to the company’s strategic direction.

The legacy of Sheryl Sandberg extends beyond her corporate roles, encompassing initiatives addressing gender disparities and fostering leadership development. Her dedication to empowering girls through the leadership program underscores a broader commitment to social impact and inclusivity.

In conclusion, Sheryl Sandberg’s decision to step down from the Meta board symbolizes a significant shift in the leadership landscape of the tech giant. Her enduring impact on Meta’s trajectory and her ongoing commitment to initiatives beyond the corporate realm reinforce the multifaceted nature of her legacy.

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