SAP updates its Predictive Analysis Software for ‘BIG DATA’

 SAP AG has announced updates to predictive analytics software that empower everyone — from sophisticated statisticians to business users — with predictive insight. Now generally available, version 1.0.11 of SAP Predictive Analysis software offers more flexible modeling and performance, which can help users uncover new opportunities from Big Data in real time. Predictive analytics from SAP bring predictive capabilities to all decision-makers, enabling them to quickly identify untapped opportunities and respond to unforeseen risks.

SAP Predictive Analysis delivers a complete data discovery, visualisation and predictive analytics solution designed to extend current analytics capabilities and skillsets. It is an intuitive experience with enough power for data scientists to conduct sophisticated analysis using big data, yet simple enough to allow business analysts to conduct forward-looking analysis using departmental data from Excel.

SAP_logoThe latest version of SAP Predictive Analysis delivers tighter integration with SAP Lumira software for model visualisation and business user empowerment. New innovations give users the ability to gain predictive foresight and make the best decisions without having to rely on data scientists to gain this intelligence. Combined with powerful, native predictive analytics library (PAL) for in-database processing that can fully exploit the power and speed of the SAP HANA platform, businesses can run what-if scenarios in real time and come up with the best possible outcome in spit seconds so they don’t miss their window of opportunity.

SAP Predictive Analysis Software has been ranked by Forrester Research Inc. as a leader in its report, “The Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q1 2013.” In the evaluation, SAP was named a leader for its strong architecture and strategy, and cited as differentiating itself from competitors by putting its SAP HANA platform at the center of its offering.

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