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“AI Advancements: Transformative Role in Industry and Assurance”

Gaurav Rai, Assurance Automation Leader, EY Global Delivery Services India LLP on AI Advancements

AI’s Transformative Role in Industry and Assurance: Skills, Learning, and Innovation for the Future

“AI has created a revolutionary impact across industries, commanding a new era of innovation and problem-solving acumen. Its role has evolved from a mere participant to a pivotal spearhead in driving progress. In Assurance, artificial intelligence’s (AI’s) precision in real-time risk assessments and regulatory compliance showcases its invaluable contribution to maintaining quality and enhancing customer trust.

 For AI professionals aspiring to thrive in this dynamic landscape, an arsenal of machine learning, data science, and algorithmic skills are fundamental along with the soft skills that drive innovation. EY Global Delivery Services (EY GDS) provides various learning opportunities and structured courses to equip its professionals with skills in artificial intelligence (AI). The courses range from machine learning, advanced analytics, prompt engineering, AI for business users and leaders, AI in business applications, cloud computing, big data and digital transformation. We partner with educational platforms, leverage in-house experts, and sometimes may even collaborate with academic institutions to deliver these courses. A combination of online learning modules, hands-on workshops on real business problems, webinars, and certification programs are leveraged for the same. EY professionals are often encouraged to continue learning through a blend of self-paced online courses and instructor-led sessions to stay updated with emerging AI technologies and methodologies.

 In addition to the above-mentioned skills, the emergence of prompt engineering underlines the necessity for meticulous command over AI’s trajectory. This is a skill set that marries technical prowess with creative strategizing to yield software excellence and robust performance. These competencies, when bolstered, constructs a future where efficiency and innovation coalesce seamlessly.”

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