March 3, 2021

Sandeep Menon to replace Nikhil Rungta as Google India CMO: Sources

Sources at ITvoir have informed that Google India’s CMO, Nikhil Rungta might be on the verge of putting down his papers. Rumor has it that Sandeep Menon will be replacing him as the CMO at Google India.


Though there has not been an official confirmation regarding this update, an announcement from Google India is being eagerly awaited.

As a part of Consumer Marketing, Rungta had been a great help in launching Google + in India which has now reached the place of the second biggest Social Network in India along with making Chrome as the No.1 browser in the country. His other contributions have been the repositioning of YouTube as the premium hub of entertainment therefore increasing its user base threefold and in establishing Android as a key Smartphone Operating System.

Google India has not commented on the matter as of yet.

Having been in the midst of controversies and facing accusations from Microsoft regarding privacy claims lately, only time will tell whether the supposed command shift in the Google India’s Marketing base will pose as a bane or a boon to the search engine giant’s India operations.