February 27, 2021

NEC’s presence highlighted in Home Storage Systems

During an event at NEC Computer techno’s Kofu City campus, NEC’s Yamanashi Prefecture said that it had started mass production line of electrical power and home energy storage systems and it was planning to create an additional line in the second half of the financial year 2013 which is aiming towards raising the annual production capacity from 10,000 to 20,000 units.


NEC has started to sell home energy storage systems made by Sangamihara and is currently also producing demonstration equipment for middle-and large scale energy storage systems for the Yokohama Smart City project in Japan.

Along with that, NEC is going to produce electrodes for lithium-ion battery cells and batteries by Sagamihara facilities for home energy storage systems.

In order to develop new technologies for energy storage in houses and cities, NEC also plans to improve productivity and expansion of production lines through mass production.

The mass production of energy storage systems has become possible through production methods acquired by supply chain management (SCM) of server production and the use of quality measurement equipment, such as Anechoic Chambers and Thermostatic Chambers.