Samsung Will Produce A8 Chipset For Apple iPhone 6

2pPp111447AM3122014Wednesday, March 12, 2014:  They may be rivals, but the electronics industry is pretty much intertwined. Arch rivals Samsung and Apple have collaborated again to work together. The Korean electronics maker, Samsung will manufacture A8 chipsets for Cupertino giant, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6. That is contradictory to the reports, which were stating speculations over Samsung being edged out in favour of Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC).

According to a US Switch report, Samsung is said to be finishing the testing of A8 chip before it gets into the mass production at the company’s plant in Austin (Texas) US. It is understood that TSMC had already commenced the mass production of A8 chips, with the apparent intention of giving Apple more flexibility, when it comes to launch dates. TSMC and the iPhone maker had agreed on a deal to manufacture A8 chipsets. The iPhone 6 is likely to hit shelves in the later half of the year, most probably by Autumn.


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