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Samsung launches ‘Flip’ to compete with Google’s Jamboard, Microsoft’s Surface Hub

Samsung is going all guns blazing has unveiled its entire armoury at the CES 2018 conference. From TVs to laptops, the South Korean tech firm has unveiled what it claims will be the future of consumer technology. However, it has launched one more device that adds to its big screen portfolio, Samsung Flip. Samsung says its collaborative board will be made available in the US and Europe later this month.
Flip is an interactive digital whiteboard by Samsung that plays on the same idea as the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard. Terming as the ‘Workplace of the future’, the Flip WM55H is meant for collaborative engagement placed inside meeting rooms and maybe classrooms. The device brings features like easy sharing, annotation, movement and searching on the table.
Although large and bulky, users can easily move the digital board as it has a wheel-based stand. “Today’s workers require more powerful and flexible technologies, and we truly believe that our new Samsung Flip display offers endless possibilities for driving impactful collaboration. We are excited to debut the Samsung Flip at CES 2018, and we look forward to building upon this technology to help businesses work better, smarter and faster,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.
With Samsung Flip, up to four users can show different content and edit it on the screen at once. The touch screen display supports both fingers and dual-sided pen. Each user also gets the ability to customise the writing style, size and colour.
Besides sporting inbuilt storage, the device supports USB or other wireless connectivity such as screen mirroring or NFC. Also featured are embedded search functionalities and portrait or landscape orientation as per the requirement.
On the specifications front, Samsung Flip is powered by company’s own Tizen OS 3.0 platform and has a 55-inch UHD resolution touch screen with InGlass technology. The display can also be tilted up to 4.5 degree. The device has a tray to keep documents, a pen holder and 8GB of inbuilt storage.