Samsung launch website showcasing product design on March 27


The South Korean consumer electronics giant on Wednesday posted a video on its YouTube channel, Samsung Tomorrow, a trailer for an upcoming release. No, the South Korean firm is not launching a new smartphone (or tablet), but instead, is launching a new website dedicated to product design.

The teaser for the new website,, depicts shots of bendable gadgets, concept devices and aims to tell the story of integration of technology and the human interface. The new website will be launched on March 27.

According to reports, the website will also reveal insights about the designs and stories based on them. It will include concept designs for the future.

The video nevertheless is impressive enough. Given that the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S5smartphone has not exactly created ripples across their consumer base, it is a good thought on its part to launch a website that also shows the process behind creating these devices. Also, even though Samsung might have come up short on expectations with the Galaxy S5, it still doesn’t mean that it is not working on creating new products for different environments.

Notably, not all of Samsung’s designs are considered to be boring, with its Galaxy Gear series managing to turn some eyes. Pranav Mistry, formerly from the MIT Media Lab, had a hand in that as the company’s Vice President of Research who was responsible for the launch of the device.

All said and done, the Samsung Design website will have an interesting concept on hands – that of taking consumers behind the scenes to show what happens in designing a device, how easy or difficult is it to imagine the future, how feasible are these imaginations, and how can designers create devices that sustain those kinds of imaginations for the mass markets.

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