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Samsung has gone ahead to bring onboard ex-Mercedes designer for designing its upcoming smartphones

In an official blog post, Samsung disclosed that Hubert H. Lee will now be in charge of the MX Design Team. Lee will be in charge as its EVP and Head of its MX (Mobile eXperience) Design Team. He brings to Samsung’s team more than two decades of design and executive experience after formerly holding the position of Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz China.

Lee received numerous honours and leadership awards while serving as the Chief Design Officer for Mercedes-Benz China. In his new role at Samsung, Lee will now be in command of the MX Design Team, which is in charge of developing Galaxy products such as the Galaxy S and Z series, the Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Watch, and other technological devices.

Hubert H. Lee’s arrival, as noted in the official article, will help give the Galaxy products a new look and feel while adhering to the same philosophy that is cherished by millions of people worldwide.

In this new role, Lee said, “I am excited to join a company that is on the bleeding edge of mobile innovation and lead the team responsible for creating new mobile experiences through the art of design.

Samsung also unveiled its first female president this month. Notably, Lee Young-hee was appointed to run the Samsung DX (Device eXperience) division’s Global Marketing Center, which is in charge of overseeing Samsung’s smartphone business.

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