January 23, 2021

Samsung Has Announced The Launch Of Three New Curved Monitors

Back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Samsung showed off Samsung_Curved_Monitor_ITVoicethe SE790C 34-inch curved PC monitor that it’s selling for $1,199. Now the average consumer might not spend that much on a monitor, which is probably why the company is out with three new models today that are priced keeping the mainstream market in mind. The SE590C, SE591C and SE510C monitors come with 31.5-inch, 27-inch and 23.6-inch displays.

The SE591C and SE510C have a 4000R curvature whereas the SE590C has a 3000R curvature. All three models have 1080p panels with static contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1. The SE91C and SE5290C also have 5W dual stereo speakers built-in with Samsung’s dual sound engine.

A major benefit of the new curved monitor line is decreased eye fatigue and increased efficiency, even when using the monitor for long periods of time. Because the edges of the new monitors are physically closer to the user’s eyes and match their natural curve, users don’t need to shift focus to see the ends of the screen. This makes them ideal for entertainment, including gaming, and detailed office work like editing photos.

Samsung’s range of curved monitors meets the demands of every consumer, whether they’re looking for a high resolution viewing experience or a more accessible full-HD monitor that still offers premium quality. Enhanced brightness ratios of 350cd/m2 (SE591C and SE590C) and 250cd/m2 (SE510C) also create incredibly vibrant images, perfect for viewing multimedia, editing photography and more.

Samsung has introduced Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology. Eye Saver Mode works by decreasing the monitors’ harmful blue light, which can cause eye fatigue, while Flicker Free technology further protects the eyes from the strain of flickering screens plaguing many conventional monitors. These features, coupled with the curved display, allow SE590, SE591 and SE510 owners to use their monitor for longer without eye exhaustion – perfect for movie marathons or long days in the home office.

All three curved monitors include a Game Mode feature, which helps to improve the picture’s dark scenes and make fast-moving, blurred images clear, enhancing the total gaming experience. Additionally, with a response time of as little as 4-mili-seconds, users can see even the fastest on-screen motions clearly and smoothly with virtually no motion blur, judder or ghosting.