January 26, 2021

EDA Guru Jim Hogan Has Joined Vayavya Board

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) guru Jim Hogan has joined the Guru_jimhogan_ITVoiceBoard of Directors of Vayavya Labs, an entrenched software company. The Belgaum-based start-up specialises in Embedded Software Tools and Design Services.

California-based Jim Hogan, known for EDA industry evangelism, has vast experience across EDA, and semiconductor design and manufacturing and has served on the boards of firms engaged in this field in addition to material science and Information Technology.

Jim has held executive positions in engineering, marketing and operational management at Cadence Design Systems, National Semiconductor Corporation (Texas Instruments) and Phillips Semiconductor (NXP).

Vayavya Labs provides tools and methodology that help System on Chip (SoC) designers to map system application behaviour to optimize SoC designs. This ensures significant savings in effort and costs in SoC design. Vayavya Lab is financially backed by Technology Development Board, an arm of the Indian Government.

Vayavya counts Cadence and Synopsys, the leading global EDA tool providers, and Ricoh Japan, a leading imaging SoC platform firm among its customers.

“Vayavya Labs researches, develops and promotes Hardware-Software interface specifications for SoC design and provides automation tools and methodology that helps in 10-fold gain on time, cost and effort involved in SoC design.

“The tools and methodology can be integrated with existing design flows and third party EDA tools,”says Vayavya founder and CEO RK Patil.

“Jim Hogan’s industry experience and direction will significantly enhance Vayavya leadership team’s ability to chart new alliances, business models and growth in Electronic System Level (ESL) domain,”adds Patil.

“I am excited to be associated with Vayavya Labs, a start-up that is approaching the industry from a Systems Software application point of view. As the SoC design and verification complexities increase, industry must look for new tools and methodologies that are developed ground-up with a deep connect with software,” says Jim Hogan, a venture capitalist focused on EDA space.