February 27, 2021

Samsung Breaks own Record, Ships 10 Million Galaxy S4’s In 1 Month

Bangalore: Samsung’s flagship series Galaxy S4, has reportedly broken all the company sales record for the fastest selling series. It achieved this feat by shipping a whopping 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the first month.KAY6fP8U

The sales rate has easily striked of its previous records set by its earlier versions. Samsung Galaxy SIII shipped 10 million units too; however, it took twice the time of Galaxy S4. As for earlier series, Galaxy SII took close to 5 months to reach the milestone and the very first Samsung Galaxy S took much longer at 7 months.

Samsung’s marketing technique by launching the phone simultaneously in multiple markets proved to be very successful. One more reason for rapid sales could be its advertising which made people aware of the product beforehand.

Even though Samsung Galaxy S4, faced a stiff competition from HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, it sold several times faster than its predecessor. However, Samsung’s rival Apple is all set to launch its next iPhone in few weeks from now, let’s see how well the Smarphone giant gears up.