March 8, 2021

Intel CEO Krzanich Reorganizes Units, Creates ‘New Devices’ Group

Bangalore: Brian Krzanich, Intel Corp’s new Chief Executive has launched a sweeping reorganization of the world’s top chip maker and created a unit aiming to remake Intel’s lead in mobile semiconductor innovation, reports Reuters.c829Py47

The decision was announced internally after the 30-year old expert took the helm; placing most of Intel’s main product groups directly under his control and handing overits expansive global manufacturing operation to Renee James, New President, said a source close to the company.

Details regarding the reorganization which will be effective immediately were sent via an internal memo to its employees. Krzanich officially took over as CEO recently and said that under his leadership, Intel will be more responsive to customers in the fast-growing Smartphone and tablet market.

Earlier, the chipmaker’s main product including the PC client group, mobile communications and data center unit reported to Intel Architecture group chief Dadi Perlmutter but they would now report directly to Krzanich.

For decades, Intel reigned in the PC industry but lagged in being successful with Smartphones and tablets which are dominated by competitors like Qualcomm Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Renee James , former head of the software arm will look into the company’s sprawling global manufacturing operations and take on additional parts of security efforts. She will also look into corporate strategy and planning. Her previous job as Intel’s software chief has been taken over by Doug Fisher, a senior executive. Besides, Mike Bell will take over the “new devices group”.