Rockwell International School (Hyderabad) Supports Reboot World Environment Day Campaign to Avoid E-Waste

20f3dcaThe World Environment Day (‘WED’) is celebrated every year on 5 June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. Recognizing this special day Reboot Systems India Pvt. Ltd. has formally launched the ‘Green India Ambassadors’ Program, with special emphasis for schools and other educational institutions. Rockwell International School has taken the lead in supporting this unique initiative and has adopted Reboot Systems for its students and staff.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Subash Boda, CMD, Rockwell International School, said, “In this era of Digital Divide and the significant challenges thereof, India as a country needs eco-friendly computers that are not only affordable but are also reliable and work to promote environmental awareness at all times. Rockwell School has consistently recognized the need to promote environmental awareness amongst all its staff and students. Reboot Computers fit in well with our commitment to the environment and help in addressing e-waste challenges.”

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. NV Subba Rao, Director & CEO, said education in future will largely be guided via computers. Modern India certainly needs more computers and computer labs for all the school and college going students to become more effective. He endorsed the merits of adopting such frugal innovation led recycle (re-engineered and re certified) systems, as they have proven to be eco-friendly and cost effective, world over. Computer penetration in India is below 10% and if you examine the same outside of the 6 large metros, then it is a very low ~ 3%. India tier II/ III cities and below are yet to witness any meaningful computer adoption and have been largely underserved in this era of digital literacy. It is a much needed responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure digital inclusion at all levels and should start with schools.

Re-engineering of computers has become the acceptable norm world-over, since it offers significant advantages of safeguarding the environment from e-waste issues while providing the opportunity of owning computers at reasonable prices. Now as a measure of promoting such environmental and e-waste related awareness, reboot has facilitated an e-waste calculator on its website (

It is observed that:

— One reboot desktop (CPU + monitor) conserves 106 lbs of carbon emissions which equals 4 trees or 18 gallons of gasoline.

— One reboot laptop conserves 41 lbs of carbon emissions which equals 2 trees or 7 gallons of gasoline.

Reboot board represented by Mr. Anand Tater and Mr. Rahul Chowdhury (alumnus of the Kellogg’s management school) said Indian market is at an interesting stage of discovering and adopting computers and that it is a core operating belief at Reboot that ‘everyone deserves a computer’.

Keeping in spirit of the World Environment Day, Rockwell International School was presented with a “Green India Ambassador” Certificate, recognizing their commitment for Green India. Modern India