Ban on Sales of Microsoft Products by National Distributors lifted in Rajasthan: RCTA

The ban on sale of Microsoft products in Rajasthan has been lifted by RCTA

The ban on sale of Microsoft products in Rajasthan has been lifted by RCTA
The ban on sale of Microsoft products in Rajasthan in light of arrest of RCTA member has been lifted by RCTA

Owing to the ban called on the sale of Microsoft products by computer traders in Rajasthan, a meeting was held between the representative of Microsoft and the various representatives of computer trader associations based out all over Rajasthan.

The meeting was held on 5th Jan and was attended by all association Presidents, Secretaries of districts Ajmer, Udaipur, Kota, Alwar , Bhilwara, Ganganagar, Sikar, etc and also Mr. Nirupam, representative of Microsoft. The agenda of the meeting was to decide the further course to stop the undue harassment of IT members in future. Also, discussion on policy of dual pricing of same products sold through OEM manufacturers and OEM retailers. Another point to be covered in the meeting was to decide about the marketing strategies to be adopted by Microsoft and support structure to be given to RCTA to help gain the lost market and create win-win situation for all.

Following is the outcome of the meeting:

  1. The ban on the sale of Microsoft products has been removed.  Also, all associations have agreed that they will co-operate to generate awareness about Legal software.
  2. A written MOU will be signed by Microsoft and all district associations to protect the interest of our members against any kind of Police Action. The copy of the MOU will be shared by all members once it is signed.
  3. The process for formation of “Federation of Rajasthan Computer Traders Associations”(FRCTA) has also been initiated wherein 2 members of each association will participate. The FRCTA will handle national issues and Govt Matters under one common forum.

Emphasizing on the positive outcome of the meeting, Mr. Kailash Gupta, RCTA president, said, “The meeting was successful. As decided by all the associations, a formal MOU will be signed between RCTA and Microsoft, which will be signed by all the members of association and the company.” Describing the various strategies that will be taken by RCTA and Microsoft, to promote usage of Legal software, in state, Mr. Gupta elaborated, “All the RCTA members will be eligible for special benefits offered by Microsoft if they adopt legal software. Microsoft has also agreed on providing training sessions to the traders as and when new updates and products are launched in the market. We have also agreed if in future any anti-piracy survey is conducted, then a warning message will be sent to the erring party and RCTA. All the special benefits will be applicable to RCTA members only.”

On the issue of dual pricing policy of Microsoft, Mr. Kailash Gupta, RCTA president, said, “Micorsoft has an international policy of different pricing structure for OEM manufacturers and retailers. Inspite of RCTA insisting on changing the policy, Microsoft representative didn’t pay much attention to the issue.

On the outcome of the meeting, Mr. Rajkumar Poonia, ex. President, RCTA, is of the opinion, “Response of Microsoft was encouraging. They were adamant about using legal software but assured us that in future any legal action against RCTA members will not take without taking RTCA into confidence.” He also insisted that IT trader in order to safe guard their interest should become a member of RCTA.

RCTA has extended a heartfelt gratitude to all the vendors, distributors, media, trade associations and members all over Rajasthan for the co-operation and support for the success of the movement and getting a favorable result.

Microsoft & RCTA
The ban on sale of Microsoft Products in Rajasthan has been lifted by RCTA