R&M Develops Self-Assembly of Fiber Optic Connectors on site

R&M India's Managing Director Gaurav Ahluwalia Bags Business Leader of the Year 2021 Award for IT-Hardware!

R&M India's Managing Director Gaurav Ahluwalia Bags Business Leader of the Year 2021 Award for IT-Hardware!

R&M_LOGO_It Voice R&M is developing a high-end  solution as an alternative to    splicing and is making installers  independent in the process /  now complete range with LC and SC connectors for Fiber to the  Home and structured cabling systems / Assembled in less than a  minute

Swiss cable specialist R&M is bringing about a big leap forward in fiber optic technology. In intensive research and development efforts, R&M has developed the first high-end alternative to fiber splicing. This alternative involves field-terminable LC and SC connectors called FO Field. Every installer can attach them to the optic fibers at the construction site in less than a minute. That means pigtails, patch cords or links of any length can be made at the flick of a wrist. The transmission and attenuation values of the connectors satisfy the tough requirements of broadband networks and commercial data networks. The FO Fields are therefore suitable for Fiber to the Home projects or also for structured cabling systems in offices and buildings with fiber optic networks all the way to the desk (Fiber to the Desk). They can likewise be rewired, making them usable for the maintenance, repair and subsequent modification of fiber optic installations. The FO Field family makes installers and network managers less dependent on expensive and time-consuming fusion splicing. What’s more, it eliminates the need for stocking pigtails and patch cords. As a supplement to the FO Field family, R&M offers a kit with the necessary wiring, testing and cleaning tools. Installation firms can now enter the fast growing fiber optic market with minimal investment.

Precision for maximum performance in fiber optics
The FO Field components are manufactured according to stringent R&M standards. Production takes place under clean room conditions. Connector parts undergo 100% single-part testing in quality control. Quick mounting technology is self-explanatory. Mistakes or imprecision in assembly are virtually ruled out. The mechanical and optical characteristics match the quality of pre-assembled and factory-tested pigtail products.

The FO Field LC and the FO Field SC meet the requirements of the top performance levels Grade Cf/1 and Grade Cf/2, respectively. The FO Field SC is currently being introduced to the market and typically has an insertion loss (IL) of 0.2 dB. The FO Field LC has been available somewhat longer and has a typical insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB. Both connectors have return loss (RL) in excess of 60 dB. In earlier times, it was nearly impossible to extract this kind of performance from field-terminable fiber optic connectors. R&M has now accomplished this feat thanks to the APC contact surface (APC = Angled Physical Contact) and a low-tolerance fiber guide. After wiring, installers can use an infrared source to determine within seconds whether the connection works.

Both versions of connectors can be combined with all typical types of cables, with single mode and multimode fibers sized 125 and 250 μm. For multimode fibers, the categories OM2, OM3 and OM4 are specified. It is possible to wire both full and compact fibers with sheathing up to 600 to 900 μm or cladding from 1.4 to 3 mm in diameter.

Along with the new advances FO Field LC and FO Field SC, the R&M product range also includes field-terminable connectors for PCF cables. They are especially well suited for the installation of fiber optic networks in industrial plants and cover the medium performance range. There are field-terminable connection products for polymer optic fibers (POF), too.

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