RDP & Enjay have tied up to provide Tiguin Linux software for Thin Clients

Hyderabad based RDP workstations and Enjay IT Solutions have tied up to provide low cost computing solutions and will offer Enjay Tiguin Linux software for their Thin Clients, MiniPC and Desktops.

Enjay is engaged in providing different innovative software solutions to limesh_FQab1SME segment, having developed an Linux based OS for desktops and application server, which is capable of running Windows based software like Tally etc.

Enjay has expertise in making software solutions, and RDP is a Hardware Manufacturer, to take advantage of the synergy, Enjay and RDP have joined hands. RDP will offer Enjay’s Tiguin Desktop OS for RDP MiniPCs and RDP Desktops and Enjay Tiguin Application OS for RDP Thin Clients.

RDP Workstations has Thin Client Manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad, Enjay has already launched Enjay Tiguin OS, a next generation Linux OS for desktop and Application Server, which has received very good response from market. There is a natural synergy when Hardware and OS manufacturers join hands. RDP has widespread distribution channel for its Thin Clients, MiniPCs and Desktops. Where as Enjay has expertise in development and deployment of Linux on Desktop.

RDP MiniPC and desktops will come pre-installed with Enjay Tiguin desktop OS and RDP Thin Clients will have option of using Enjay Tiguin Application Server.

Vicky CEO of RDP Workstations addedIn India, more and more customers are getting concern about Licensing, They want software compliance. Enjay’s OS will help our customers save on Licensing costs. Also our customers will get good support, for which Enjay is well known. I am sure we will be able to serve more customers with the help of Enjay’s OS.”

Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions said, “We are sure Enjay Tiguin OS will add value to RDP offering. Software piracy is a big issue in India, but at the same time, its a big opportunity for for System Integrators. There is tremendous growth opportunity here.”

It might seem that RDP and Enjay are competitors, but we have to understand that this is not age of competition, but it is time for collaboration. To grow, we have to find our strength and then partner with people who have strengths in areas where we lack. With widespread market access of RDP, we are sure more and more people will benefit from our OSadded Parekh.

Enjay and RDP are two major players in SMB/SME segment, and their collaboration is definitely a next turning point of this particular industry segment.

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