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From Dream to Desktop: The Inspiring Journey of RDP

In the bustling heart of Hyderabad, India, a dream of empowering the worldthrough affordable computing took root on January 3rd, 2012. Led by the visionaryspirit of Vikram Redlapalli, known affectionately as Vicky, RDP emerged as a beaconof innovation, defying the odds and etching its name in the annals of Indian IT history.

The early days were fueled by a laser focus on thin clients, those sleek devices tapping into the power of remote desktops. It was a period of meticulous learning, careful calibration, and unwavering belief in the power of technology to break barriers and reach the underserved. This unwavering commitment yielded its first fruits in 2016, a year that forever changed the landscape of Indian computing.

August 2016 – a date etched in gold in the RDP narrative – witnessed the birth of a revolution. In a bold collaboration with tech titans Intel and Microsoft, RDP unveiled India’s first laptop at a price that sent shockwaves through the industry: ₹9,999 with Windows 10, once a dream for many, became a reality, igniting a spark of possibilities across millions of aspiring Indians.




RDP - Laptops | Tablets | Desktops | Thin Clients
RDP – Laptops | Tablets | Desktops | Thin Clients

This wasn’t just about a laptop; it was a statement of intent. RDP’s mission resonated with every heart yearning for digital inclusion: to become the most affordable computing brand, not just in India, but for the world. It was a mission born from empathy, fueled by ambition, and guided by a simple philosophy: bridging the digital divide, one device at a time.

But affordability alone wasn’t enough. Quality, the cornerstone of trust, became the second pillar of RDP’s edifice. From meticulous component selection to rigorous testing procedures, every step was infused with an unwavering commitment to delivering products that wouldn’t just be accessible, but also reliable and durable.

The third pillar, the invisible bedrock of the company, was on-time support. RDP understood that in a world driven by technology, downtime equals disconnect. Every customer interaction, and every service call, was an opportunity to build trust and deliver peace of mind.

These three pillars – affordability, quality, and on-time support – became the foundation of RDP’s execution recipe: People, Process, and Technology. This potent mix empowered the company to transcend its early avatar. From thin clients, RDP’s horizons expanded to encompass a full spectrum of IT hardware, including desktops, all-in-one PCs, laptops, tablets, servers, and workstations.

A state-of-the-art 28,000 sq. ft. assembly facility in Nacharam, Hyderabad, became the crucible where RDP’s dreams took shape. Skilled hands, guided by rigorous quality control procedures, breathed life into these devices, each one a testament to Indian ingenuity and manufacturing prowess.

However, the geographic borders of Hyderabad couldn’t contain RDP’s ambitions. A robust pan-India sales and support network ensured that every corner of the country resonated with the RDP heartbeat. Partnerships with tech giants like Intel, AMD, and Microsoft cemented RDP’s position as a trusted OEM partner, a testament to its growing capabilities and unwavering commitment to quality.

But the story doesn’t end with success. It’s about the continuous evolution and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In 2016, when RDP’s product portfolio diversified, the brand underwent a metamorphosis. The original acronym RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), a nod to the thin client days, gave way to a vibrant logo and a new narrative. RDP, now synonymous with Vikram Redlapalli’s surname, became a symbol of family, of a legacy built on shared values and a collective dream.

And the numbers speak volumes. More than 3 lakh computers sold, 500+ channel partners, over 100,000 satisfied customers (B2C & B2B), and more than 1 million users are using RDP devices across India & outside – these are not just metrics; they are stories of lives transformed, businesses empowered, and dreams realized.

But the ambition doesn’t stop there. RDP’s sights are set on the global horizon. The company’s selection in the Government of India’s coveted Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme and its unwavering commitment to the “Make in India” initiative marks its dedication to positioning India as a global leader in IT hardware.

The journey is far from over. Challenges will come, but RDP is driven by an unwavering spirit, and a belief in the power of people, process, and technology. This is not just a company; it’s a movement, a beacon of hope for those who believe that technology when fueled by affordability and fueled by empathy, can empower the world.

And here’s where the recognition comes in:

This dedication to excellence and innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed. RDP’s commitment to quality and affordability has been lauded by industry experts and government bodies alike. The company has bagged numerous prestigious awards, including the coveted Best Laptop Manufacturer award from the Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This recognition is a testament to RDP’s unwavering drive to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals across the nation.

This is the story of RDP – a story of grit, innovation, and the unwavering belief that the dreams of a young boy in Hyderabad can change the world. As RDP scales new heights, remember, it’s not just about hardware; it’s about empowering possibilities, one device at a time.

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